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Camalote Group Condemns Autumn Gala Signal Intrusion, Urges Investigation

CITY OF LOVAT, High Hollow – – – As many are well aware by now, last night, the 191.9 AZAH broadcast from this year’s Autumn Gala was hijacked by an unknown source not once but twice over the course of our five-hour broadcast. At the time of the event, the staff at 191.9 AZAH believed it was a system malfunction and worked to restore the broadcast. In both instances, the feed was restored after several minutes. However, following further investigation, we have been led to believe this intrusion was the actions of a group of brazen individuals intending to disrupt the celebration and, ultimately, the charity work so vital to the Gala, its attendees, and our beloved city.

The Camalote Group and our partners, 191.9 AZAH, Waite Corporation, and the Whateley Club, condemn this brazen incursion on our event and apologize to Janvier Aluminia, our listeners, and our advertisers. As of today, we are opening an immediate investigation working alongside the Lovat Police Department, the City of Lovat, several private security firms, and other local agencies to analyze the cause of this interruption and bring those responsible to justice.

No one should be subject to lawlessness. Lovat’s children, parents, and citizens deserve better. We want a safe and welcoming city. Any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the responsible individuals is welcome and will be rewarded. We urge the Lovat Police Department, the Mayor’s Office, the City Council, and the City Attorney to impose the maximum penalties allowed under the city charter on those ultimately found responsible.

Thank you.

Carlton Akeley & L. N. N. Dexter, Esq.
Board of Directors
The Camalote Group