The City of Lovat

Committed to Lovat

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Ẃђὄ matters? Ðo҉ yo̢u? We think so. At the Camalote Group we recognize that all around Lovat, intelligence and ability are evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. This unequal distribution of opportunity – including access to investment capital, markets, jobs, and education – leads to significant economic disparities among our warrens, this, in turn, prevents underserved populations from realizing their potential. We b̢e͏l҉i̴ev͟e͟ that all people should have the tools they need to live productive and prosperous lives. Our programs and partnerships connect people to tools and resources that can help them ìn̨ improving their health, livelihoods, environment, and warrens – now and into the future. By increasing access to resources, we aim to give individuals the opportunity to rise above their challenges and uplift their neighborhoods.